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Here are some older pictures of me One day i'll scan more but these will have to do for now!  Maybe some of you that have pictures of me out there can send them to me. HINT - HINT!!!!

June 1, 1971 My 1st Weddding Me & Ron 

Bob & Me & Howie end of 1971 

George & Me Prirates Cove N.Y.C. 1974

Me pegnant with Crystal P.C. N.Y.C.  1977Harold (I called him Dad) & Me P.C. N.Y.C. 1977

Crystal & I  07-06/-1978                       1978

  1978 some friends at the Gateway Motel in NJ

  2snd Wedding Tom & I 5-16-81 I was Pregnant with Stephanie

Wedding Party, Me, Kathy M., Crystal,  StephanieL.&Cindy 5-16-!981  New Milford, NJ

Staci, Kathy F. & Me in 1995

I weigh about 40 pounds more right now.:( Nedstat Counter

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