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More of Miss Elle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-2002

See I am walking some.                                      HmmmmmmmmWhat should I eat?

Lets see where I can go? Let me in! Remote looks good!   Below - don't I look so cute?  I
                                                                                                   wonder what grandpa's reading?

This food was just so good I had to feed my face & hair not just my mouth!  Below - Trying to
                                                                                                                                      get Ball!!!!

See My LadyBug Shoes!!!!! There's Ladybugs on my outfit also!    To cute fell also while playing!

See how cute I am & I'm walking. Well I was to the last one:-)   I'm just to cute for my own

Mom come out I can see you, you know?

Elle's 1st Big Girl Bed!!!!!!!  It's an Very, Very Early Birthday Gift from Grammy & Grandpa

You think she likes it?

Look straight a Head!                                                     Ok to your Right!

OK now to your Left!

Grandpa, Elle & Grammy.

Sweet Dreams Miss Elle. If you look closely you can see her fat lip from falling :-(


Hope you enjoyed these pictures more to come another day when I get some more new ones! If you would like to write me click here Grammy